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Praise for Charles Philipp Martin's Books


"Charles Philipp Martin’s NEON PANIC is an outstanding debut, a superior crime novel by an author who now must bear close watching. This book is marvelously atmospheric. Martin not only shows us Hong Kong — he makes us feel it, smell it, and, perhaps best of all, hear it. Great characters and insights into the worlds of the Hong Kong police, gangster triads, corrupt Chinese businessmen, and foreign musicians playing in a third-tier symphony orchestra. Moreover, all these components are intelligently woven together into a strong suspenseful plot. What more could a crime fiction reader want?"


--- William Bayer

     Milllion-selling author of "Switch"

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"The hero is feisty and fresh, with a multi-dimensional quality that rings with authenticity. Which is no surprise considering Martin, an accomplished musician, knows what he's writing about. This is a worthy debut from an exciting new talent. Can't wait for more." 


--- Steve Berry

     New York Times best-selling author

Charles Philipp Martin's Rented Grave is a beautifully-crafted, relentlessly-paced crime story studded with complex, three-dimensional personalities and edge-of-your-seat thrills. The author has a documentary film-maker's eye for the tiniest, most atmospheric detail.


Martin's brilliant, character-driven plot propels the gripping storyline at a surprising rate of knots. Rented Grave is a pot-boiler that never for a moment stops bubbling with tension and danger.  This lover of quality crime/thriller fiction cannot wait for the next instalment of this engrossing series. 

--- Ron McMillan, author of Yin-Yang Tattoo and Bangkok Cowboy

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