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The Killing Rain

The  Left Coast Crime
2024 anthology from

Down & Out Books 

Release Date: April 2024

Edited by Jim Thomsen               Foreword by Megan Abbott   

Featuring the story "Smash and Grab" by Charles Philipp Martin

The Killing Rain captures the paradox of the Puget Sound Region. Known for lush green trees, sun-sparkled waters, wide-open spaces and whitecapped mountains, it is also the home of gunmetal gray skies and dark shadows that give cover to its darkest secrets. In fourteen short stories ranging from the cozy to the hardboiled, this enthralling crime anthology could really leave you sleepless in Seattle.

Charles Philipp Martin's story "Smash and Grab" is not just a crime story — it's also the tale of a city's lethal economic trap, and the people caught in its grip. Crime is one way to escape the trap. Complicity is another. Which is worse? 

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