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Hong Kong Noir


Akashic Books 

ISBN:  978-1617756726

Edited by Jason Y. Ng and Susan Blumberg-Kason

Featuring the story "Ticket Home" by Charles Philipp Martin

14 stories illustrating Hong Kong's dark side. "... a city on the brink, haunted by its past but facing an uncertain future. Readers can feel lucky to have such a collection." - Kirkus Reviews

"Ticket Home" is the gripping story of a jewelry store robbery gone terribly wrong. A young gunman from mainland China finds himself lost and pursued in a city that plays by rules he doesn't understand.  

Neon Panic

ISBN-13: 978-1936467136


A novel of suspense by Charles Philipp Martin


William Bayer, million-selling author of "Switch"


"ENGROSSING ... evokes the fizzy chaos of modern Hong Kong."

The Seattle Times

"... an exciting new talent. Can't wait for more."

Steve Berry, New York Times Bestselling Author

How do you find answers in a city that is itself a mystery?


That is the question Inspector Herman Lok of the Hong Kong Police Force has to deal with every day, case by case. So when the body of a young woman washes up in the Hong Kong harbor, outfitted to make her death look like an accident, he assembles his force to begin a search for answers. The  team of Lok, Million Man, Old Ko, Ears and Big Pang embark on a trail that leads them not only to the city’s infamous criminal triad societies, but also to an unlikely organization…The Hong Kong Symphony Orchestra.


Dark and atmospheric, NEON PANIC explores Hong Kong from its derelict alleys to the most luxurious clubs, revealing the clash of cultures in a city that is technologically advanced but morally ambiguous. With a setting this corrupted and a mystery this complex….everyone is a suspect, and no one is safe.

City Voices

ISBN: 9789622096059


Hong Kong Writing in English 1945 to the Present


Featuring the story "Lau the Tailor" by Charles Philipp Martin

City Voices is the first showcase of postwar Hong Kong literature originating in English. Fiction, poetry, essays, and memoirs from more than 70 authors are featured to demonstrate "the rich variety and vitality of the city's literary production".

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